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I'm Terrence Walker, Jedi Knight and friend of... well, okay I may not be a jedi, but I am kind of an animator and I love to make cartoons. I hope to put some cool stuff on here, as much as I like to watch cool stuff on here. I may even start a series!

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Hello All

Posted by studioartfx - February 6th, 2014

Hi. I'm Terrence Walker, Jedi Knight and friend of... well, okay I am not a jedi, but I am, at least an animator. I actually found this site due to a link from an animation by Spazkid 3D called Power Trip. I have been a fan of animation since childhood (which sadly was a long, long, looooonnnnngggg time ago) and continue to love animation to this day. So, at the dawn of a new year, (and yesterday was my birthday if that matters) I decided to, rather than hang around by myself on my own site, I would put some stuff up on here!

I have never been to big into social networking and video sharing. Back in the dinosaur days of the internet when I started, you threw something up on your site and people came from miles around, (information super hgihway miles) to take a look at it. Now with the net so cluttered, it becomes more and more difficult to fine anything you are looking for. This is another way of saying you have to try and put t up everywhere, or no one may find it.

Anyway, I hope to put up some cool stuff here, maybe even start a series or something. If you want to learn more, there's my site at:


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Howdy, welcome. Your stuff is interseting. Will come back later to talk, gotta go.

I will await your return.

If you ever need a voice for a couple projects, hit me up

Do you have your own recording gear? I would be happy to listen to any samples. I will very likely need voices in the future.

Yep, I have a mic, mic stand, and Audacity. Sure, I'll show you the samples later as my computer is one busted up mofo at the moment. Talk to you soon.

Very cool. I look forward to hearing the samples.

Hi. Just saying hi, again, wil come back later to talk. Gotta go.

Yo! you have some really cool stuff, hoping to see more from you, keep the good work!

Wow man, you must be the first person to ever defend Real Drive, i know the aesthetics where interesting even if the moe was everywhere, but come on it was a slice of life anime hiding as a trap behind an awesome Sci-Fi stry that never really happened 20 filler episodes out of 26!!

Talking about Sci-Fi anime, i read that you gave up on it long long ago, which is understandable, but what are your thoughts on Space Dandy if you have any? reviewers were really hard on it when it came out, but at 9 episodes i think that it is fair to say that all those critics don't deserve their jobs XD.

Nice work so far man, very compelling, professional productions :)